• Our Mission:

    Pa’s Hat Foundation is dedicated to enabling former male child soldiers and other underserved males of Liberia success in life by providing access to education and job opportunities.

    Our Vision:

    A Liberia where all people have equal access to a fulfilling life.

  • The Liberia Project

    We offer free of charge first rate adult literacy and employment training and guidance for former combatants. Our students are males from some of the poorest communities on earth such as West Point Slum and other similar locations.

  • Objectives

    Our students learn alternatives to a life of crime and violence. Our innovative programming with a focus on arts education empowers these males to become assets to their community and the world.

    -respect for women and community
    -life goals

  • Liberia After The War


  • Some Facts

    Child Soldiers
    The victims of war are many, especially children who themselves are guilty of having committed horrible and terrifying acts and who suffered horrendous abuses. Over 38,000 child soldiers in Liberia, from ages 7-15, were recruited to fight over the course of the 14 years of war.

  • 85% Illiteracy

    Although the war has ended, the effects continue to impact its citizens in crippling ways. There is over 85% illiteracy in Liberia.  

  • Education is a human right. Please help us help former child soldiers, and boys gain access to literacy through the arts and exciting innovative methods.

    Pa’s Hat Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.