Former child soldiers dream BIG!

5 former male Liberian Combatants are chosen to participate in a pilot program Pa’s Hat is initiating. Their school tuition will be paid for and they will have the opportunity to start a business of their choice. The initial 5 have often to start a graphic design shop which would something like a STAPLES in the US or an office supply/print shop, in their home village of Gardnersville outside of Monrovia. The project will be implemented in stages:
Identifying 5 participants =completed
Identifying 3 supervisors = completed
Tuition for all 5 young men 2017 = completed THANK YOU IMF!
Locating homebase to be a store and provide lodging and homework area = located small building in Gardenrsville. $500 a month rent with 1 year provided upfront = $6000

Securing building = IN progress

Please see our GO FUND ME or donate through the website here. Any amount is appreciated and it is all tax deductible.

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