Our Story

  • Beginnings…

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    Pa’s Hat Foundation was inspired by a life-changing experience, when, in 2000, playwright Cori Thomas was visiting Liberia during the war with her 83 year old father, a Liberian who served as Ambassador to many countries including the UN for many years and she was nearly shot by a child soldier.

    This experience changed her life, inspiring Cori not only to write the play Pa’s Hat, but to begin The Pa’s Hat Foundation with actor/director Dion Graham, and writer Carolyn Hughes. Now, the team is working to raise money for ‘the Liberia Project’ for the goal of funding Liberian arts education, programming that will become self-sustaining.

  • Progress…

    In April of 2013, Dion and Cori went to Liberia, West Africa to lay the ground for their organization’s, “The Liberia Project”. After meeting with former child soldiers, and other victims of war, support organizations, government officials and notably, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; they are preparing for their initial residency in Liberia slated for 2014.


    • Help Former Child Soldiers
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